Frequently Asked Accreditation Questions

Q: Who are the people who will visit my camp?
A: Visitors are volunteers. They are persons with a background in camp administration who have completed at least twenty-one hours of training prior to conducting visits for ACA. They have also completed an "apprenticeship" with an experienced visitor. Many visitors are camp directors themselves. They understand the importance of accreditation and the scope of laws, regulations, and procedures of camp.

Q: How much time will it take to prepare for the visit?
A: It really depends on the scope of the camp's program. Larger camps with a wide variety of activities may take longer than smaller camps that focus in only a few areas. Typically, we recommend planning for 6-9 months to organize and prepare written materials.

Q: Is the accreditation visit like an inspection?
A: Many directors feel like the ACA visit is going to be like an inspection from the state health department. However, the emphasis of the ACA accreditation program is on education. Our visitors are trained to be helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable about CAMP things. Accreditation is a voluntary process, arranged in advance with the cooperation of the camp and the visitor. Inspections differ from visits in that they often occur without notice, and have a "punitive" feel to them.

Q: I need to determine the difference between day camp and child care so I can determine if I need a state license versus ACA-accreditation.
A: Every state is different when it comes to licensing requirements. For state-specific questions, please contact your local ACA office personnel.